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The North East India Tiger Trail | Best Adventure Tour Planner | Northeast Travel Package - GoTravelab

The North East India Tiger Trail

Embark on a unique journey of wildlife watching in India’s elusive natural paradise. Forget conventional modes as you go in search of tigers, rhinos and the other majestic beasts and birds of the Northeastern arm of India. Instead, cruise the waters of the mighty Brahmaputra amidst mangrove forests, and go trekking at the foothills of the Himalayas flanked by uncaged wildlife.
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  • 13 days

Sundarbans, West Bengal

  • 3 Days

The low lying cluster of islands of the Sunderbans, famous for unique mangrove forests, is a delta region formed by the confluence of three major rivers of India: Bramaputra, Ganga and Meghna. This UNESCO site is an excellent glimpse into active ecological processes and a natural habitat to an enormous range of native flora and fauna.

Main Attractions
Boat Ride to Sudhanyakhali Tower

For a bird’s view of wildlife below

Wildlife Cruise & Excursion

A journey into the reserved forests by boat

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